Watch IPL and Worldcup for Free in Hotstar

Ever tried to streaming hotstar beyond its free limit !!!.

Did you succeeded by deleting hotstar caches and reload!!!.

Yup, you are in the right page, Am also one of the person who tried streaming hotstar by deleting the caches. But don’t you feel frustrated every time close the tab, delete caches & cookies and open the tab. Yes, that is frustrating. I also felt the same. So i started noticing how hotstar is keeping its time and found out that time is kept in its local caches and it updates to the server very frequently. Even if you keep 2 or 3 seconds buffer between clearing caches and reload, hotstar will rewrite the caches. This information was enough for me to write an extension to automate it.

So i created a Firefox extension which helps to clear the caches every millisecond and reload the hotstar live feed based on the configuration. Configure the tab reload based on the available free feed, For example configure every 9 min if the feed in 10 min free.  

Download the extension from here:

Download the source code and change the background_script.js for the frequency. Go ahead and change the timeout of reload function to the value which you need. It is available in 11th line and it currently set to 60 seconds. It needs milliseconds as input so for 9 min replace with 540000 (milliseconds)

How to install the hotstar extension in Firefox ?

It’s easy to install extension in Firefox. Below is the list of steps which you can follow to install the extension.

1. Change reload frequency in background_script.js to the respected value. Usually 9 min for 10 min free feed and 40 sec for 60 sec free feed.

2. Type “about:debugging” in address bar and choose load Temporary Add-on.

3. Load manifest.json file from the downloaded location.

4. Once loaded you will see a time icon in the Tool bar.

5. Open any live feed from hotstar and click the icon to start.

Enjoy the rest !!!!

Firefox extension for 5 min free trial available at

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